A Brief History and Explanation of Archives

A Brief History

This peer-reviewed journal was originally published electronically [online] as Scientia Scholae: A Journal for Teachers of Medieval Studies in Grades K-12, by what was then known as The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages. (The anacronym, TEAMS, actually stood for TEAch Medieval Studies.) Kevin J. Ruth (Editor) worked with Bruce C. Brasington, John W. Houghton, Vickie L. Ziegler, and Laura V. Blanchard to produce the first issue of this publication, which was made available in September, 2002. As Ruth stated in the Editor’s Welcome of this first issue, the mission was “simple: to provide quality, thought-provoking articles related to the teaching of Medieval Studies in elementary and secondary schools.” In Spring 2007, the new editor became Christine Neufeld, and Volume 5, Issue 1 inaugurated a few changes, some of which had already been put into practice under the editorship of Keven J. Ruth. As Neufeld notes in the Editor’s Welcome of this issue:

Most obvious is the transformation of our title from Scientia Scholae to The Once and Future Classroom. While we hope this playful Arthurian reference will be inviting for those who stumble across us in cyberspace, for those of us already committed to this resource for teaching the Middle Ages, we hope our new title declares our belief in the ongoing relevance of the study of things medieval in a society which so often defines itself in contradistinction to the pre-modern

Other plans included an annual essay competition for K-12 teachers. With the inauguration of Volume XII, Issue I (Fall 2015), Gale Sigal became the new Editor, and that issue served as the first College Level Edition for this publication, with plans for other special editions in the future.

Explanation of Archives

As much as has been possible, all original documents have been saved to an off-site location; however, their very preservation demonstrates the fluidity of publishing on the World Wide Web as technology—from changes/upgrades in the coding of Hyper-text Markup Language (HTML to HTML-5 with CSS) to changes in adaptability to a wide variety of machine technologies (desktop computers to smartphones). Changes also reflect a movement from a “handful” of web documents and PDFs being thrown together into a file to the use of a Content Management System (CMS), such as what is being used here (e.g., WordPress, which began as a simple online word-processor but has since become much more comprehensive while remaining open-source and user-friendly).  Indeed, such changes within a couple of decades seem to parallel the dramatic changes in both format and technology (not to mention language) from handwritten manuscripts to printed books. Effort has been made to revise all previous issues and yet to replicate the contents (including images) in a practical way that allows for older styles to blend well with the current technology formatting styles while being somewhat historically accurate to the appearance of those original formats. When available, the oldest version of the Table of Contents for each issue has been replicated and contained within a revised document, thus providing a sense of how the original issues appeared. Where it seemed necessary, I have provided notes regarding changes in style, journal title, and format(s). Unfortunately, these notes include what appear to be missing parts of issues, as well as entire issues (but it is possible, however, that such issues were never published, skipped). All PDF versions are replications of either the original PDFs (including typos and broken links) or newly created PDFs of original web page versions (including typos, particularly in outdated HTML, and broken links). All web page versions have been edited to either repair or delete broken links. Gray or black, unlinked text indicates that the item was never created, lost, or is an otherwise missing work. Any and all suggestions for revisions, corrections, or other comments will be most appreciated.

Carol L. Robinson
TEAMS Webmaster
Kent State University at Trumbull