Inaugural College-Level Edition

By Gale Sigal (Editor)

In our effort at TEAMS to facilitate, encourage and enhance all levels of the scholarship and resources on the teaching of Medieval Studies, we are inaugurating an edition of The Once and Future Classroom that extends our original audience of kindergarten through twelfth-grade teachers to college-level instructors and professors. This new edition will cover creative teaching innovations taking place at today’s universities, as well as techniques, difficulties, obstacles or solutions arising for those of us endeavoring to import the latest technology into the classroom. On occasion, as in the case for this issue, we include an essay directed at K-12 teachers, Kara Crawford’s winning essay of the TEAMS 2015 Writing Prize, “Linking Pearl Together.”

Citation:  The Once and Future Classroom, Volume XII, Issue 1 (Fall 2015)

NOTE: Links have been corrected and/or deleted.   No editing to the actual texts has been done since their original publication.

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