Guideline for Submissions

The Once and Future Classroom (formerly Scientia Scholae) is dedicated exclusively to the promulgation of Medieval Studies at the K-12 levels. It is published electronically twice a year. The Once and Future Classroom publishes work of four general types: (1) reports on promising new classroom techniques, educational programs, curricula, and methods of evaluating instructional effectiveness; (2) accounts of recent trends in any fields of research related to Medieval Studies; (3) lesson plans; and (4) critical reviews of audiovisual materials, textbooks, and other secondary works suitable for classroom use — in particular, OFC is looking for evaluations of their scholarly reliability, formats, and effectiveness of presentation. Reviews are commissioned in advance. Readers interested in contributing reviews are asked to advise the Editor of their qualifications and special interests. Submissions should be formatted according to guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style, 14 th Edition. Manuscripts should be double-spaced, including all quotations and end notes, and submitted in triplicate. They may be sent as an electronic mail attachment in Microsoft Word, or by regular mail to the address listed below. Final decisions on manuscripts usually require a minimum of eight to ten weeks. We cannot return articles which have not been accepted unless a self-addressed, stamped envelope is enclosed with the article. Manuscripts accepted for publication will be requested on computer disk or by electronic submission. The editors, who are the final judges of matters concerning grammar, usage, and other conventions, will edit contributions to conform to the normal manner of presentation in OFC. Deadlines for submission are January 6 for the Spring issue and May 31 for the Fall issue. Submissions may be retained for use in future issues. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Managing Editor:

Dr. Christine Neufeld
Department of English
Eastern Michigan University
613D Pray-Harrold Bldg.
Ypsilanti, MI, 48197

There is no subscription fee for The Once and Future Classroom. Any additional inquiries should be directed to the Managing Editor at the address above. Back issues are archived on the TEAMS website at Books for review are welcome, provided they have a potential for pedagogical use. Please send them to the editor at the above address.

Original Citation:  The Once and Future Classroom , Volume VI, Issue 2, Fall 2008

NOTE: Links have been corrected and/or deleted.  The original “look and feel”  of the journal has been preserved as much as possible, but the original logos have also been removed.  No editing to the actual texts has been done since their original publication.

TEAMS: Teaching Association for Medieval Studies