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Welcome to the second issue of Scientia Scholae. Our mission is simple: to provide quality, thought-provoking articles related to the teaching of Medieval Studies in elementary and secondary schools.

Donna Dermond and Paul Hogan share their experiences with a pedagogical project for English classes, one which involves creating a Chaucerian pilgrimage within a school. I am certain that readers will be delighted with their insights and suggestions, for making medieval literature come alive goes a long way in helping students to make connections between medieval life and modern life. For example, a student may choose to situate his/her tale in a “sacred” place within the school – the auditorium, for example. What would prompt this student to choose such a location? The authors argue that if the student has noticed the attention which Chaucer gives to his characters, then he/she will choose a story and site with equal concern.

Anita Pilling encourages us to use hagiography as a means of introducing students to medieval culture. In particular, Anita focuses on hagiography at the beginning of her AP European History course, one which requires no formal study of the Middle Ages. After having been introduced to the ideas and concepts associated with saints, students are able to view modern society and its institutions in a different light.

And, as always, please take a moment to share your passion of Medieval Studies with your students. As time goes on, students will be required to take “updated” subjects (21st-century history, literature, music, and so forth). If the school year is not expanded, there will be even less time for the Middle Ages. It is up to us to ensure that future generations will continue to show interest in this period.

Semper cogita, amice!

Kevin J. Ruth
Tower Hill School

Original Citation: Scientia Scholae, Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2003

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